Soil for Roses : How to Prepare Soil for Roses?

Except saline and alkali soil for roses, any soil can be used for potted roses. The rose pots can be filled with soil of any texture, from sandy to clay. However, clay loam is the best soil for roses in pots. Select a corner of a cultivated field or garden where there is good vegetation or grass cover. Dig with a spade or shovel the surface soil up to 15cm in depth and transport the quality of soil which will be sufficient for potted rose. On a rough estimate, the weight of earthenware rose pots of different sizes will be approximately as follows:

Size of pot (cm) (inner diameter at top)         Weight of soil (kg)
                  20                                                             4
                  25                                                             6
                  30                                                             10
                  35                                                             12

One bucketful (commonly used water buckets of 4 gallon or 18 litre capacity) of soil for roses will be sufficient for two rose pots of 30 cm size.
Spread the soil on a clean surface of the garden or compund and allow it to dry completely in the sun for a few days.
Remove the gravels, pebbles, crocks, brick pieces and concretions, if any and pulverized soil through wire mesh sieve with about 2mm opening and colect the portion of the soil passing through the sieve.
Heap the soil in a corner.

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Once you have plotted the roses in pots, we must have the right idea about Management of Roses in pots. So here we go

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