Repotting Roses : How To Repot Potted Rose?

The roses should be repotted every third year. Towards the end of autumn when the day temperature has come down, arrange for repotting roses. This should preferably be done by the middle of October at the time of pruning.

  1. Prune the roses in pots as indicated before. Turn the rose pot along with the plant upside down. 
  2. Ask some one to hold the rose plant with the soil and give a little jerk. the whole soil mass along with the plant will slip out of the rose pot
  3. Allow the roses along with the soil mass to rest on the ground. remove crocks or pebbles from the bottom, cut with a secateur or sharp knife the long and thick roots trying to come out from the soil mass. 
  4. Scrape off a little soil from all sides of the soil root mass. Clean the rose pot and cover the drainage hole of the rose pot with a layer of crocks or pieces of pebbles or bricks.

Prepare a fresh quantity of soil-manuare mixture as mentioned earlier. Transfer the rose plant along with the remaining soil mass to the rose pot following the procedure given under ' Planting Roses in Pots '. Sprinkle over the surface a layer of one handful of oilcake (about 25kg) or activated sludge. The other practices will be as discussed under ' Management of Potted Rose '.

You can have a good quick review of what you have learnt from the below...

Step 1:  Type of Roses : Knowing the varieties of roses which are potted.
Step 2:  Planting Roses : Choosing a correct pot size and the way of planting roses in pots.
Step 3:  Fertilizing Roses : How to get the best organic rose fertilizer for the potted roses.
Step 4:  Soil for Roses : How to prepare soil for potted roses.
Step 5:  Rose Management : Cleaning, rotating, weeding to be done at time regularly.
Step 6:  Caring for Roses : Learn how to care for a potted rose or potted roses.
Step 7:  Repotting Roses : Get to know, how to repot roses in pots.

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