Planting Roses : How to plant roses in pots?

Choose a Right Pot for Planting Roses

According to me, potted roses can be plant satisfactorily in rose pots, 30 cm in diameter and 30 cm in height. For Mininature roses, 20 to 25cm pots will serve the purpose. We should remember that bigger the size of the pots, larger will be volume of soil available to the roots, more vigorous will be the plants. But the bigger the potted rose will create more problem for shifting, rearrangement and repotting and planting rose plants.

Earthenware rose pots with drainage hole at the bottom, either in the centre or at the side can de produced from the market which is essential for outflow of drainage water through percolation. absebce of which in pots will result in the death of roses in pots as they they cannot withstand waterlogging and lack of aeration. Look for cracks and deformation in the rose pots and reject the defective rose pots. Clean the pots with a piece of cloth and water to remove any sticking foreign material. If the old rose pots are used, they should be cleaned with water throughly in the sun. Number the rose pots with black or white paint.
Cement or stoneware rose pots can also be used. Metallic drums or cans must be given protective inside coating with anti-corrosive bituminous paint. However, the earthenware rose pots are the best for growing rose plants as these pots are porous in nature, hold water for longer time and do not become very hot during summer.

Planting Roses In Pots

Take the numbered rose pots one by one. Cover the drainage hole with a layer of small pieces of crocks, pebbles or stones.Fill about 1/4th to 1/3rd of the rose pot with soil -mix, prepared earlier and compact it slowly but firmly with the back of your fist or the wooden handle of a hand-trowel.
Take out the roses having no. corresponding to the no. of the rose pots. Held the earthball in your palm and carefully allow it to rest on the compacted soil-mix in the rose pot; holding the roseserect with ;eft hand, look for the position of bud union. The bud union should be a little above the level of the rim of the rose pot. Adjust the position by adding or removing soil-mix in the rose pot. In some budded plants, the bud union may be much above the surface of the earthball is just 2 to 3 cm below the level of the rim of the rose pot. Holding the rose plant erect with your left hand, fill up the gap between the earth ball and inner surface of the pot with soil mix, adding small portion at a time and compacting it slowly but firmly. Go on adding soil-mix till surface of the soil-mix is about 2-3 cm below the rim of the rose pot.
Shift the pots to the shaded corner of the garden or compound, Pour water with the help of a watering can or mug to fill up to the rim and wait. First, plenty of water will be absorbed by the dry soil-mix quickly. Repeat the process till water stands on the surface in the rose pots at least for a short period. After some time, water will flow out through the drainage hole. that is an indication of adequate watering of planted rose pots. Continue watering the pots for three or four days and subsequently accoeding ti the need at a suitable interval depending upon the weather conditions, If the spot where the rose pots are kept after planting the rose is quite sunny, cover the plant for 3 to 4 days with old newspaper in the form of a cone or with a canopy of cloth. Follow the same procedure for the remaining roses.Take out the plants only when you can plant them immediately.
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